Athor Temple No. 19
Buffalo, New York


Meets: Meets 3RD Wednesday at 1:00 P.M. ETZ
Luncheon each month preceding session
No Sessions June, July, August
Join Athor Temple No. 19 February 22 through 24 as they welcome Supreme Queen Karen home. Find all the details here.





Membership Day at Cyrene Temple No.18, Albany, NY

Cyrene Membership Day

30 Ladies from Cyrene Temple No. 18, Ilderim No. 15, Athor No. 19, Uarda No. 24 and Ahlem No. 84 had a wonderful Membership Day in Albany, NY, Sunday, February 21st.


Eleanor Green, PSQ, and Supreme Pr. Tirzah Karen Keuther were in attendance along with Alyce Thomas, PSQ Chairman of Membership and Public Relations.


A delicious soup and sandwich luncheon was provided by the members of Cyrene Temple No. 18.


It was a terrific day of food, fun and fellowship with Membership as the predominant topic.


Would anybody else out there like to have a day like this? Contact Alyce Thomas, PSQ