The Membership and Public Relations Committees are encouraging all Temples to work closely with the Shriners. Don't know where to start? Here's an idea!


Each One, Reach One


Pass on the Gift
Where Are You?
What's in your toolbox?

No Excuses

143rd Annual Session of Shriners International
Legacy Program Brochure

Because You Care

The Final Four

Feel the Beat

Navigating without a ROADMAP: the March Membership Article
Say "Yes"

Now THAT was a SUPER bowl game

Remembering the 3 Rs

10 Easy Steps to Wreck a Temple

Happy Holidays
When Attending Stated Session

Florida Days 2016: It's a Capitol Idea

What My Membership Means To Me

It's Party Time

The Baby is Born: Dynasty Amenna No. 164 UD
Membership Cake

The Greatest Gift

Tomatoes, Bananas, and Mangoes

Super Bowl 50 and Daughters of the Nile

Captured by Love

How's your "elevator speech"?

Change is Upon Us

Bootcamp (includes sample)
Knot Prayer
Don't wait

Nile and Golf

Why did you join Nile?
July 2015 Membership Article
PR's role in membership

Our Temple Gardens

What is Nile?

Obligation & Commitment

Love to the Rescue

My new favorite word

Every Day is MEmbership Day!

A Masonic Legacy

Are you interested in planning a regional event? Find out how North West Daze did and get some ideas for your own association!

Hello, Baby Boomers!

The 2014-2015 MEmbership Committee

But We've Always Done It This Way

Springtime Planting

Not a "no one"

Membership Budget

A Season of Miracles

Gather and be Grateful

2014 Wing Ding Planning

Happy 100th Birthday!

Strive for I

Lighting the Fire: Membership Retention

The 2013-2014 MEmbership Committee
Keep our Order alive

Retention Program

Who's in Charge of Membership?

Happy New Year!

A 2013 Daughters of the Nile Resolution

Once a Daughter of the Nile, Always a Daughter of the Nile

A Nile Princess Can

Fall is Membership Season

Gimme an 'M'!

Let's Light the Fire of Membership

Mentoring Is Key

A Labor of Love & A Journey Worth Traveling: Reflections of a Princess

Stoking the Fire with Teachings from our Ritual

What does membership mean to a Daughter of the Nile?
Holiday Symbols and Membership

Fire It Up!
The Membership Budget

Let's Start the Fire Burning for Membership

Mentoring Members (also available as a Word document here)


Looking for a Proposal?